Mystical is that hidden reason that deals with the spiritual and contemplative life, relative to the divine and, therefore, excellent and exquisite.

Appropriate adjectives to define a show of the category of MYSTIKE-LE GRAND CIRQUE, in which, over more than sixty minutes, artists who have participated in productions of the prestigious Cirque du Soleil category, winners of prizes at different festivals, acclaimed and recognized by the general public, they transmit all the strength of the performing arts, creating an atmosphere full of magic in a theatrical environment.

A fantastic world with its own identity in which an original soundtrack and totally new costumes will highlight all the values of the circus and the theater, to achieve the complicity of the spectator through a mysterious and enveloping space.

Buká and Zozo, the protagonists of our story, enter the mysterious world of MYSTIKE, an alternate reality full of characters and figures that will not cease to amaze. Shadow games, acrobatics, challenges to the impossible and challenges to human nature, led by the hand of great comedy, will surprise and excite the public regardless of their age.

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